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charges. >>> police in manassas, virginia, are trying to identify a body found in a pond last night. the man was found in the water between georgiaen county around 10:30, as well. he was found two hours after police first got the call. manassas city police tell 9 news it is possible the body is a man who's been missing in the area since wednesday. >>> police in montgomery county think two people may be involved in the murder of brian betts. the shea middle school principal was found dead inside of his silver spring home. a witness reports seeing a car leave the alley behind brian betts ' home. someone else may have taken his suv. it was found a day later. so far it hasn't given investigators anything to go on. police are desperate for a witness that may come forward and give them a big clue. >> if anyone saw anything suspicious that night and haven't spoken to detectives we need to hear from him. we want input on this case. >> reporter: a private service was held for brian betts in manassas, virginia yesterday. there will be a public memorial may 1st in north bethesda. >>> 11 suspec
. >>> virginia lawmakers approvalled a gun safety bill. it will require virginia's education department to create a new gun safety program for elementary schools, and that program must use guidelines from the national rifle association. specifically material involving an nra gun safety mascot called eddie eagle. it will still be up to local school boards to decide whether too offer the gun safety program in their school. >>> montgomery county is in worse financial shape than originally thought. yesterday county executive ike leggett presented budget proposals to make up for money loss as a result in a drop of county revenue and less state funding. it includes doubling the energy tax, raising cell phone tax by 50%, reducing earned income tax credit by 33% and reducing pension payments made to county employees. >>> in the news now, 11 suspected pirates could appear in court as early as today. they are accused of firing on two u.s. navy vessels in two incidents off the coast of africa. the suspects were flown to the u.s. on thursday. >>> the search continues for 11 workers missing from the gulf of m
are traveling southern west virginia to roanoke and you will see some of that action. you can see it across kentucky, ohio and in to tennessee. a couple of sprinkles overnight. we are saying good-bye to it as it is across southern maryland. switch over to doppler hd. you will see across st. mary's county and dahlgren, a couple of sprinkles and central in to southern calvert county near lusby, prince frederick heading to cambridge and south and east and that's the last of it this morning. a little on the cool side, a light wrap as we call it of 40s and 50s but we have spots in the shenandoah valley out west in the 40s. going to 70 later. it is 5:00 straight up. angie has a look at the friday commute. >> tgif. man, feels great to say that. let's begin with a look at 95. we take it live outside. nice drive dumfries to the micking bowl. as you move to the realtime graphics, route 4, route 5, 301 is all incident and accident free. a check on the outer loop in maryland shows things are moving 95 and 270 both ways. inner loop is okay. 95 and bw parkway. all the construction earlier has cleared out
cover has been all we have seen today. heavier thicker clouds towards west virginia and western virginia in north carolina. we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow. rest of the evening clear. 69 now. we have fallen to 67 now, rather. this evening down in the 60s for the next few hours. mostly sunny, mild, breezy weather. you have to love a friday night like this. you'll want to enjoy it. as we go into saturday there will be changes developing tomorrow night into sunday. that's coming up. >>> the latest now on sarah palin and a former college student on trial for hacking into her e-mail account. she confronted the former university of tennessee student today in the courtroom as the star witness to the prosecution. a lawyer said it was just a joke but he could face serious jail time if convicted. palin first learned her account had been hacked when she was campaigning in michigan as screen shots of her e-mails circulated around the internet. her daughter bristol began receiving threatening phone calls. palin told jurors she feared for her life and the lives of her family members. >> access an
will keep you updated on how it works out. >>> investigators in northern virginia and montgomery county want to warn you about a thief who's breaking in to gym lockers. there have been a rash of such cases lately and as surae chinn tells us police want to catch this guy before his crimes escalate to something worse. >> he works out. >> reporter: detectives say he may look like he belongs at the gym but falls church investigators say behind bars would be a better fit. investigator says this man pictured here has hit a half dozen gym lockers at exercise facilities recently in alexandria, arlington, falls church, leesburg and montgomery county. >> he's working the entire area, northern virginia area. >> reporter: at one gym police say the thief took keys from behind the front desk. stole a vehicle and then used stolen credit cards at a macy's in ballston. he talk on his cell phone as he pulls out a stolen credit card and racks up $2,400 in gift cards and a watch. he then takes the shopping bag of stolen goods and leaves the store. >> it seems like it is escalating. it seems so bold he can just
for her at the charles houston rec center in alexandria. that's where her virginia friends. that's monday night at 7:00. they are all going to get together. >> what about jones, what is his status. >> he's in the hospital but he is detained and being held without bail as the charges against him move forward. >> thank you. >>> police are trying to sort out what happened on decatur street today in a petworth neighborhood of northwest dc. neighbors called 911 to report a woman had been dragged in to a house screaming by her hair. and another neighbor reported a shot fired. a swat watt team surrounded the house and when they got people to come out they found no -- no guns or injuries. >> i have a young child that i don't allow to go outside unless we are with her and i really wanted to move in to a kid friendly neighborhood but i see evidently this isn't. >> reporter: neighbors have been reporting a lot of men coming in and out the back door of the house at all hours and many women inside. the advisory neighborhood commissioner complains of prostitution in the neighborhood and is urging polic
inside that west virginia coal mine to figure out what caused an explosion that killed 29 workers. that's because high levels of dangerous gases are still inside and one investigator says it could be coming from a fire somewhere inside the mine. meanwhile, a public memorial service is planned for this sunday in beckley, west virginia. the president and vice president are planning to tand twonchlgts men accused in connection with the mass shootings are set to appear in court. they were arrested and charged in the drive-by that killed four people and injured five others last month. and the police are looking for a fifth suspect. meanwhile, a 14-year-old originally charged in the shootings was publicly exonerated yesterday. generating anger among some of the victims' families. news4's tracee wilkins reports. >> as the investigation progressed, there was definitely development among the witnesses in terms of the interand what they were saying. >> reporter: one of the developments led to the exoneration of a 14-year-old who police originally fingered as the getaway driver in the deadliest ma
spring into bethesda. here we are crossing the american legion bridge as we head into virginia. can you see all of your lanes are wide open and looking great right there. we do have delays reported 210 northbound from old forth fort road to palmer road inform you are traveling d.c. 295 headed onto howard road, the signals are now fixed. 395 northbound right here just before seminary road in the hov lanes. disabled bus blocks the right side of the roadway so just stay to the left. not affecting traffic with the lighter volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> police in virginia are trying to figure out how a body wound up in a pond in manassas. crews recovered the body around 10:30 last night. it was in a pond behind a apartment complex. there was a report of a missing man in the last couple of days but investigators say right now they are not sure if the body found is that of the missing man. >>> all charges dropped now against the 14-year-old arrested in last month's shooting spree. the city now says 14-year-old malik carter had nothing to do with the south capital str
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and prince george's counties. around much of northern virginia, including the blue ridge and shenandoah valleys, their temperatures have climbed into the 60s this morning. this afternoon, we'll see it hit near 70. it started in the 30s in the mntsz this morning but in the 60s there right now. much of the reasoning delightful. a wonderful spring dale for the afternoon. mostly sunny and mild, just a few light breezes coming in out of the northwest as highs reach near 70 degrees. i'll show you the forecast for the weekend. big changesçó on the way. we'll take a look at next week as well in a coup of minutes. >> we'll be waiting for you. thank you. >>> ims meetings could make it tougher to get around the district this weekend. there are several street closures around the imf and world bank buildings. they start at 7:30 tonight and run through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. "2r' addition, there no parking on many streets in the that area starting at 3:00 this afternoon until 6:00 a.m. on monday. >>> police have identified a man whose bide boyd was pulled from a lake in prince william county. is he 2
leading authorities to a burning building. we will see it from the -- cam. >>> popular virginia university raising tuition and fees by nearly 10% for students. >>> earth week is continuing. major hotel chain here in our area is going green and saving green by making some simple changes. we will show you what they are. >>> hope you enjoyed it this week. >> sometimes you get a lot done inside. clean out a closet. i know we don't like it. whatever. >> exactly. >> you have to. >> the thing being tomorrow, we are talking about rain in the forecast. for both days. it is not going to be raining continuously through the day tomorrow. >> zbloek little bit of break in the morning. there will be showers and it will be light enough. i think we may be able to squeeze stuff in. it is definitely going to be damp across the area. and late afternoon and evening. 73 degrees is the current temperature now. relative humidity is at 41 degrees. we are at 31%. let's show you some of the temperatures further north of the area where it is 67 in philadelphia right now. close to 80 in richmond, virginia. 58 in cinci
, virginia, 49 degrees. baltimore is at 51. hagerstown, 48. and in culpeper it is 43 degrees at this hour. here is what we're looking at for today. partly sunny skies, temperature right around normal. our average high for today 69 degrees. we're looking for a high of about 70 degrees today so not bad. i'll give you details about the weekend and when we expect to see rain showers and thunderstorms coming up in just a little bit. right now let's get a check on traffic with lauren demarco. i'll do the weather and you can do the traffic. >>> things looking good in montgomery county. earlier there were delays out of frederick, things looking better there but we still do have delays with volume past germantown. we have this heavy volume through silver spring on the outer loop. we had reports of an accident on new hampshire avenue. nothing checked out there. your travel lanes should be open, just volume delays leaving college park through silver spring. also watch for an accident southbound georgia avenue leaving the beltway and delays southbound connecticut as well as you leave the beltway. and
that the abuse began around christmas and the boy had internal injuries. >>> a 16-year-old boy in virginia is suspected of possessing, reproducing, and distributing child pornography over the internet. a tip to the national center of missing and exploited children was given in february. >>> police hope that a second vehicle could provide new details concerning the murder of a popular dc principal. montgomery county police said that two suspects and two vehicles were likely involved in the murder of brian betts. a vehicle was detected around home around 12:13 last thursday morning. they're not describing the vehicle, but asking anyone with information to call police. >>> a military dog has gone missing for hours at dulles international airport but the dog somehow escaped from his great wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. -- from his crate wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. the doberman was spotted in a remote part of the airport. he is being trained to be a bomb dog. >>> coming up, all stark testimony at attacking trial in tennessee. sarah palin takes the stand. and should
in baltimore, one of the warmest spots in the mid-atlantic. allatoona, pittsburgh, even through virginia, most of virginia cooler than we are. with the exception of norfolk at 57. we're back into the clearing and we'll have ourselves plenty of sunshine for today. clouds will try to come back ahead of this system. high pressure off the coast. developed large storm, back there on the eastern plains of colorado, pushing into the central plains. that is going to induce a severe storm threat across the nation's heartland. increases the winds. we're watching that with the wind flow and probably carrying that oil spill in the gulf. 50 miles toward the north towards the louisiana coast. a lot of factors coming together here. this severe weather threat will make headlines, but will weaken as it reaches us. here we go, increasing clouds tomorrow morning. maybe showers arriving to the afternoon. heaviest rain arriving just after midnight. 2:00 in the morning through daybreak. we have ourselves a good shot of rain here. remnants of severe storms back across the west. could be a rumble of thunder. most of
across virginia and wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: in arlington, alecandrea and fairfax, investigators say this suspect is walking into a gym acting like he belongs there and one case here, he went into the gym and behind the counter, took keys off the board from an owner who put them there while he was work outing and went outside to the parking lot, stole the vehicle and wallet and credit cards inside and then went on a shaping spree at the owner expense. >> and he's well-dressed, usually. puts away whatever environment he's going into and obvious he spends time in a gym. he works out and is fit and we asked him -- and if they came out -- to call the police as soon as possible. >> reporter: as you saw, that was video of him while he was shopping after stealing the credit card and car from the facility here and is described as a white male, you saw him wearing the nike shirt with the wide sleeve and new york yankees baseball cap. had on a break track pants and running shoes and is making his way around the region, warning people to not take any of the valuables inside t
loop, you want to stay to the right to avoid the work zone. as you travel 95 and 395 in virginia, everything wide open if you. 95 in maryland, we did have construction set up between 198 and 212 in both direction. here we are crossing the american legion bridge as you head into montgomery county, can you see everything is looking great. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the big story this morning, charges dropped against a teenaged driver and the big story we are covering and police make two more arrests in last month's drive-by shooting. the d.c. attorney general announced the evidence against the 14-year-old just did not add up. police first said he was behind the wheel of the vehicle on march 30th. shooting spree on south capital street left four people dead. families of victims say they are shocked at this most recent announcement. >> they don't want to face the truth here. the truth is that our system has failed the city and they should face the truth that they made a mistake. they made a terrible mistake. >> i'm really confused because it is so
with a light shower. >> blogging ok on 66 and 95 in virginia. 395 has a slowdown in the hov lane with a broken-down bus before seminary road. it's on the shoulder, but causing a slight distraction. let's look at the geico camera. there's a brief delay in the hov lane at seminary road. newschopper 7 in the next report. back to you. >> our top story this morning, new developments from the deadly mass shooting in southeast washington. prosecutors have dropped charges against a 14-year-old once thought to be behind the wheel during a drive-by. police have arrested two more people and the third is still on the run. kathy park has more details from police headquarters. >> district officials took an extraordinary step identifying 14-year-old malik carter, they don't normally reveal names of juvenile suspects. but, according to d.c. attorney general peter nickles, this had to be done to -- provide safety for the young man. >> there were circumstances at the time to arrest carter. but as the investigation progressed, there was significant development among the witnesses in terms of the interviews and
%. couples were able to get fabulous deals in virginia. spf, perfect play on housing. we also like what goes into housing. pier one, sherwin williams, not to mention sears, whirlpool, stanley, black and decker. appliances are on fire here. anything that goes into a home. anybody that sells it, tjx, bed bath & beyond, smoking. and finally, home number five, and this is a new one for the show, hotels. marriott reported a fabulous quarter today, beating the street's consensus by two cents a share. on the conference call, marriott talked about how the recovery is happening faster than expected. corporate travel room nights up 16% year over year. business strengthening, uk, europe, asia, starwood symbol hot. another great hotel chain reports next week. i expect good things. our favorite play, winn for its growth potential. newly launched encore. if you bought winn at its low today, you made $5.72. 7% gain. better than a sharp stick in the eye. here's the bottom line. the next time we get a pullback like we got today, and i think we'll get one tomorrow because of amazon and microsoft. i want you t
of the mountains, a chilly morning there. in the upper 30s. mid-50s eastern shore and through southern virginia and across the carolinas. around the nation, we have this storm system that's taking shape here through the central plains, spreading some rain. all the way into the upper midwest from this system. this is drifting our way. looks like it's going to be in place for the weekend, i'm afraid. here's how we're looking for today. temperatures by 9:00 intoed mid-50s. perhaps into the near 60 degrees or so. then it does look like we'll have quite a bit of sunshine this afternoon. that was a little bit of a mistake there about the rain. pay no attention to that. it looks like a sunny day today. overnight tonight, increasing clouds. during the day tomorrow will be cloudy and cooler with highs just the low 60s. sunday into monday, it looks like we'll be in the upper 60s to mid-have but a chance of showers and maybe some thundershowers, both of those days. and a look into next week, we may get lingering rain as well on tuesday. drying out, warming up a bit midweek. how's the traffic, tom? >>> if
some showers across west virginia. around roanoke, light stuff. and further to the west and south, just a whole complex of showers. looks like saturday afternoon, some rain showers move in. we'll be much cooler. and additional chances of rain for sunday, monday, and maybe even tuesday. don? >> thank you very much. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. kristi i heard you were working. and i thought i'd come in, too. >> good afternoon, don. thanks. i feel honored. unfortunately, the weather is holding out but traffic is not. it is going to be a difficult ride home. left lane blocked. traffic backed up to 795. delay is 20 minutes. north side inner loop. that's at a crawl. you're looking at almost 50 minutes to get by. as for 95 in the northbound direction, still slow there from caton avenue to the beltway. traffic sluggish on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction. that's from pedonia to the beltway. in parkville, taylor avenue. and moving to the city, we have too many accidents there to name. but just to include a few. south fulton at rams
in virginia were handling packages recently when one of the boxes started moving. well, inside they found that little guy. a live ferret apparently being mailed to puerto rico. >> that's not right. >> totally not right! unable to find the observer or the intended recipient, stamp, as they call him now, has a new home in virginia. >> tried to mail a live animal? >> i know. don't even -- can't even imagine. he's good, he's got a home. he's happy and being fed and has lots of friends. >> happy that that turned out okay. how about a check of the weather? >>> all right. as we've been talking about, we've got this risk of strong storms. low pressure area back through the rockies, a trailing cold front. we have a triple point where the occluded front, a cold front and a warm front come together. on into arkansas. it continues tonight where there is a very strong risk of strong storms and tornadoes in parts of louisiana and mississippi and continues on into tomorrow where we've got a pretty wide area for most of mississippi, alabama, on into tennessee and parts of west virginia. we are looking at
a constitutional challenge in court. >>> 11 men from somali were indicted in norfolk, virginia, today on charges of piracy. charged in connection with a tax on two u.s. naval officers off the coast of africa. both attacks happened within the past month. the suspects have been held on u.s. ships foreeks off somali's coast while authorities sorted out legal issues surrounding that case. >>> at least ten bombs tore through baghdad today. 60 people at least were killed. appear to be a coordinated attack. all of bombings took place in a two-hour time span. seems to be aimed at seeite worshipers for the most par. deadliest attack took place as friday players ended near the headquarters of the well-known shiite cleric add sadr. the attacks -- the baghdad residents are so frustrated with their government's inability to secure the city, they threw stones at iraqi security forces who arrived on the scene. >>> coming up on "news4 at 6:00," spirit airlines is at it again and we will tell you what the company is doing to improve profits this time. >> tornado down in texas. >> we have storms of our own we are
to a couple of cameras. on 95 in virginia, headlights are northbound. that will take you across the american legion bridge. travel times in our favor. the the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road, 66, and 270 will give you the green light. >> we begin with the latest on the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. authorities are looking to prevent a major environmental disaster. officials said the sinking could potentially send more than 300,000 gallons of oil a day into the water. it could be several days before any of it reaches the louisiana coast, if it does. if the coast guard expects to call off the search for 11 people missing on tuesday's explosion. >> our top story, new developments from the deadly mass shooting in southeast washington. prosecutors have dropped charges against the 14-year-old thought to be behind the wheel during the drive by. police have arrested two more people and the third is still on the run. kathy park is outside police headquarters. >> district officials took an extraordinary step yesterday identifying 14-vote malik carter. this had to be done in order to c
, virginia neighborhood once sold for close to $400,000. prices now are half as much. that makes owning an affordable option for first time home buyer issa viayrada. a high school spanish teacher, she's ready to settle down and has been shopping for a home. while she's made several offers, she hasn't had much luck. >> in this area, it's not so much about finding a house, it's about losing it to the highest bidder. >> reporter: the higher bidding is coming from investors, some who want to buy and rent the home, and others who want to flip it. one thing they have in common, says realtor mario rubio, is cash. >> the sellers or banks own, they would prefer to make a deal with a cash offer, which makes sense at this time, because the banks have been waiting, trying to sell these properties for so long. >> reporter: cash buyers now make up a quarter of the market, 10% is considered a normal level. in markets like d.c., southern california, and florida, those investors are pushing out first time buyers. some homes, like this one viayrada is looking at, were sold only a few months ago and now a
with scientists from italy. >>> a virginia college tops the list of the greenest schools. the college of william and mary is one of the most environmentally friendly colleges. there are green buildings in use of renewable resources and other projects. william and mary has programs that go toward facilitating improvements. >>> late april is starting to feel a little more like february for people in southern california. an unseasonable storm dumped snow, that is right, snow in san diego. the storm system from the gulf of alaska brought the high wind and heavy rain. temperatures are down 20 degrees below normal. and in colorado, a family as patching up this big hole after storms hammered that area. the house was hit by a blast of lightning, and the forces blew open a section of the roof. the damage will likely be in the thousands of dollars. the good news is that no one was injured. it would have been a different outcome. >>> all kinds of wild weather everywhere. snow is moving in the colorado area, there is severe weather across arkansas and mississippi. we are high and dry with sunshine. let's lo
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. this is the trial of petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia. they don't want his picture shown because it's in special operation. use accused of dereliction of duty. he's chose to go have the case heard by the judge and there won't be a jury as in the case of julio huertas. jane: and huertas was found not guilty. does that mean the possibility of acquittal is pretty high for the others? >> reporter: it's possible. the biggest concern would be for matthew mccabe, he's the navy seal actually accused of punching the prisoner in the stomach. mccabe's attorney says the case has been laid out in the trial of huertas and in the trial of keefe and the jury didn't believe the allegations in the last trial. mc-- i'm sorry, huertas was found not guilty so he's sure keefe and mccain will also be found not guilty and he talked with me this morning about mccabe's reaction to the acquittal of huertas. let's listen. >> i woke up yesterday to an effusive e-mail from my client, he was shouting and overjoyed, and he anticipates keefe will meet the same result as will he, he's very c
change the way wall street does business? earlier i spoke with virginia democratic senator mark warner and tennessee republican bob corker, both have been working together on this issue for more than a year. >> senator corker, you've called this bill regulation light. i know. president obama made his case today. you heard him. was there anything that he said that convinced you that this package is worth voting for? >> well, look. i mean, mark and i have been working together for a year on a 1,400-page bill. we know the details of it. there's nothing a president's going to say to affect me and i think mark. we know the substance of the bill and things need to be corrected and certainly the work we have done together is an indication there are at least two senators here who want to get to a regulation bill that works for the country. there are issues from my standpoint. i'll let mark speak for himself but i want to get us to a place where we have a bill that will stand the test of time that will strengthen our financial system, protect consumers and do everything we can to ensure what ha
virginia. i expect showers trying to develop through the afternoon. increasing overnight 2:00 a.m. sunday through sunrise and then uh, yes, sunday morning, we'll have ourselves pretty heavy rain to wake up with. for today, we're in decent shape. 71 degrees. we turn partly cloudy during the afternoon. we'll settle back down with clouds at 50. tomorrow for the shred it event, we should be fine. it'll be a cooler day near 60. let's check on the roads with kim brown. >> both of those earlier crashes that we had in baltimore city have already been cleared away. that is good news. that leaves us, for the most part incident-free this morning. still dealing with very light to moderate volume. got everything in the green. harbor tunnel thruway from the 95 split to 295. on the outer loop at i-70 to 95, that will take you six minutes as well. you'll see traffic moving at speed and above speed. places on the west side of the beltway, liberty road. baltimore national pike. 695 is looking good. stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this. >>> at 5:
. >> 99-year-old virginia campbell may be one of the oldest fans of apple's i-pad. daughter gave hurt device as a gift as soon as it was released. campbell suffers from glaucoma. >> opened the world, for that owe bro that i could not -- i could barely see to read. >> thanks to the bright screen she has read two books and gotten back into writing pea poetry. this is the first computer that she has ever owned. >> patrice harris fox 45 news "late edition". >> we are looking at breaks in the clouds and showers are 7 >> here is what is going on. seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine on friday. 69 kicking off the week. saturday looks like sun and clouds gathering. and few showers working in. thunderstorms saturday night to sunday. we will get thunderstorm activity. then monday lingers around. and tuesday and wednesday we dry up. with the temperatures back in the 60s. back to you jeff. >> vytas i am empathize with you, flood director shaw runs a tight ship. >> be in charge of your own forecast. i-radar is available at use the tools to track storms down to your neighborhood
refrigeradora, cambiar las cosas del filtro del aire y todo eso" reportera: en virginia, el programa de reembolso se iniciara el 28 de abril y en el distrito de columbia a fines de mayo... reportera: segun expertos, estos electrodomesticos le pueden ahorrar hasta miles de dolares en sus pagos mensuales. recuerde que cada estado tiene sus propias regulaciones sobre este programa de reembolso. en maryland, maria rosa lucchini, univision. la policia del condado de montgomery solicita la colaboracion del publico para dar con el paradero de annette elvira ortiz de 34- anos desaparecida de wheaton... annette elvira, fue vista por ultima vez el martes 13-de abril, cuando abandonaba de su casa sobre la viers mill road en wheaton... annette es descrita como hispana de 5-pies una pulgada de estatura, peso aproximado de 105 libras... tiene ojos color azul, cabellos cafe largo, con rayitos claros.. vestia pantaolon khaki, sueter gris con botones, botas y una cartera roja... cualquier infor relacionada con su deparicion reportarla al numero de telefono 240- 773 5070.. hace 10 anos, el
. >> and northern virginia nonprofit organization has two new programs to help children in the area. i was privileged to emcee the luncheon. they provide take-home food on the weekends for low-income children and new clothing for elementary school children. >> i know they appreciate you being there. >> of being out there, especially on such a gorgeous day. >> it will be wonderful the rest of the weekend -- the west of the evening. the weekend will go down hill. looking back across the city, temperatures around 70, the low 70's in many areas. we will continue for several hours. clouds will start to roll back into the area. '69, '70 the high temperature. the light northerly breeze, 73 on a campus of george washington university. as far as what is happening with official numbers, we will show you 73 and 53 the official high and low for washington d.c.. they had this record high of 95 degrees in the area. the pollen count loci again for trees. upper 60's to about 70. the light on these numbers a little bit after sunset, and will drop into the 50's overnight. 55 in syracuse, warm weather st
at reagan national airport and we will be in the mid-40's throughout much of virginia. we will have clouds this morning. our forecast today will be partly sunny and near 70 degrees. it will and more on the severe weather for the weekend coming up. george? >> thanks, heidi. >>> now, to a new controversy from "south park," that long-running cartoon series on comedy central. the show's been able to offend just about every group you can think of with its sick jokes. now, it's got something more serious. as dan harris reports, "south park's" spoof of the prophet mohammed, is drawing death threats. >> reporter: "south park," the satirical cartoon popular with young people, is known for being zealously offensive. jesus fighting santa claus. they've taken on jews, mormons and scientologists, too. you name a sacred cow. and the creators, trey parker and matt stone, have morked it. but when the prophet mohammed was portrayed in a bear costume, it was on a website that stone and parker could end up like muslim extremists. during this week's episode, when mohammed was supposed to appear again. he was
overnight. basically the 50-spread we have through southeast virginia and the next weather system towards our west. >> i'm trying to be optimistic here, really bad weather is packed there. this is the storm responsible for all the weather that broke out yesterday. general southerly moist flow. will also carry the waters and maybe the pollution and the oil spill from the rig down there at 50 miles south of louisiana coastline. up there towards the weekend. that's a big problem. it will feed into storms that'll be the strongest severe weather outbreak we had all year long. we're almost due for this stuff. those storms try to carry eastbound over the weekend. there may be a small shower threat in the afternoon. tomorrow the clouds move in, but the dry morning for the shred event. rain comes in after midnight on sunday. for today, plan for sunny to partly cloudy day. the clouds increase this afternoon. we get to 71. small threat of a shower west of town. weekend outlook in just a pinch. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> good morning, everyone. we're doing really good
from space. maryland all clear. west virginia and north carolina is where the cool front pushed to. the boundary is south. it will move north and create unsettled weather over the weekend. gorgeous looking friday evening out this. 60s. mostly sunny skies. stays mild and breezy. we'll talk about the changes and when we'll see heavy rain over the weekend. we'll time that out for you in a few minutes. >>> salvation army will be feeding thousands of families in baltimore who need it most this summer. today the organization held its second annual event. volunteers and staff packed 10,000 pounds of canned goods to help struggling families. the need of food increases in the summer season because children no longer receive free meals at school. >>> catholics pay final respects to the 13th arch bishop of baltimore. how he's being remembered tonight. >>> people who were supposed to be regulating wall street may need to be regulated themselves. what x-rated hobby they were doing instead of work ing. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two year
. showers peppering west virginia. first line of showers will make its way in tomorrow afternoon. this is a locked up frontal boundary that slid south of us today. cleared the skies. now it is retro grading back. we are seeing a few clouds sneaking in southern maryland. then there is the major weather maker that comes in tomorrow night into sunday. the boundary is sliding north. mild, dry air for the moment. watching the next storm system. here's the timing. forecast model. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon chance of scattered showers. main round of rain coming in tomorrow evening. very wet saturday night. especially late overnight into early sunday. looks like a soaker out there. scattered showers as we work in the rest of sunday. sunday we don't clear out rapidly but we'll see the heaviest rain ending on early sunday morning. overnight 48. partly cloudy. stays dry. two degree guarantee tomorrow. we are going with only 60 due to increasing clouds and chance for rain-cooled air. i think a cooler day on tap tomorrow temperature-wise. rain big time tomorrow night.
in norfolk, virginia. five of the suspects were captured in march after attacking the uss nicholas. the remaining pirates attacked the uss ashland less than two weeks ago. so far, no charges have been filed against the suspects. >>> coming up next, howard with the weekend forecast. >>> if we could only keep this going. we are going to get some rain and that will help with the allergy update but still, today the tree pollen is very high. the grass and the mold spores are low. weeds are absent. rain coming. we will tell you when it will be here and what temperatures will do to respond, as well. it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. (man) susan g. komen 3-day for the cure. register today or request information and a free promise ring at i walk to show that breast cancer didn't beat me. i am a pink warrior because i want to see an end to this disease. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a l
: republicans have seats in massachusetts, and virginia. >> ehrlich's campaign says we have a policy of not commenting on polls. >> i welcome him to this race. >> reporter: o'malley's campaign says he expects the campaign to be hard fought. among women, he holds a 19% lead. among men, it's ehrlich by 17%. and among those unaffiliated with any party, ehrlich is up 40%. >> this, by all accounts, is a bad year for democrats. but it's a long time until november. >> the rematch is on. >> and a lot of people know these candidates. they have very passionate feelings about them. the poll bore that out. as for mr. o'malley. 22% view him very favorably. but 24% have very unfavorable views of him. as for former governor ehrlich, 27% have strong favorable views. and 27% have strong unfavorable views. mr. o'malley will officially kick off his campaign with a series of events. >> thank you very much, mike. we'll give you one more set of numbers. the poll also says 50% approve of o'malley's job performance. 58% disapprove. >>> an anne arundel county officer opens fire. attacking a woman, after a st
picture in virginia and don't worry, it looks like that is going to hole off. a lot of that is not touching the ground at all and there is a lot of action, severe weather this evening is into the south from arkansas into parts of, you can see there, strong thunderstorms around jackson, mississippi, working towards tennessee and coming out of louisiana and that is going to be very, very active find -- tonight with severe weather. we had a lot of severe weather in texas and oklahoma and kansas and nebraska and colorado. it shifted to the east and this is what is tracking in our direction. there is going to be a lot of severe weather for tomorrow and this same system will roll in here tomorrow night into sunday and doesn't look like it's bringing us anything in the way of strong and severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch is what you're seeing in red. active out there this evening and at home, here we go 71 right now for washington, d.c. front royal, leesburg, winchester still lower to mid- 70s and across the bay, saint michaels and salisbury, lower to mid-60s. the win
.s. navy warships off the coast of east africa are now facing justice right doeven the road in virginia. senior correspondent brian wilson is here with details. good evening. >> reporter: there be pirates in norfolk, virginia. not the movie kind, but 11 somali men accused of piracy and plundering and terrorizing the seas around the horn of t? small boats and rocket-propelled grenades. they will be dried in checs. federal courts a-ser making a mistake to attack two navy vessels they thoneeht were her chant shtrials. five were engaged with the skirmish with uss nicholas that sank theifi small b-mt and confiscated the mother ship and the others shot at the uss ashland on april 10, as it was 380 miles off the coast of jabuti. the u.s. attorney believes he has a pretty good case here. Ãyo> the justice d fartment believes that piracy attacks on u.swo cuinterests whether persons, vessels, whether commercial, private, military, is a significant issue in any alleged attack onpfr.swo cuinterests will be, will be dealt with in an appropriate macteer. Ãyo> reporter: why in norfocorr and the u.s.
. workers at the listen burg, virginia -- lynchburg, virginia post office knew something wasn't right when the package started wiggling. the post master got a warrant to open the package. and a ferret was inside. didn't take long for a local couple to take him home after he was put up for adoption. >>> counter fitting-- counterfeiting, fraud and an abandoned child. a boy left abandoned at a cathedral. >>> the massive budget deficit. metro has ambitious plans to make it up. and it may cost us. check in for these stories and all of the day's breaking news. coming up all new at 6:00. >>> a boardwalk landmark in ocean city celebrates its 100th anniversary. dolly's has been serving up homemade treats, with salt water taffy, and assorted chocolate since 1910. they make 3,000 pounds of taffy a day. long-time customers say they hope the store sticks around for another 100 years. absolutely. that looks good. >> one of the stories that makes you hungry. >> it does. absolutely. >>> eyewitness sports is coming up next. stan is out at the owings mills complex tonight. stan? >> mary, the ravens' top bra
, things like that. >> what you're looking at right now. >> this is virginia sweet squire. it's just about to pop. another reason why you want to do natives is because it attracts a lot of butterflies and birds. migratory birds need that fuel to get through their journey. butterflies need nectar sources and host plants. >> we have the three different regions, we're looking at the piedmont. this is the piedmont region, each bed out here has some kind of water feature. there's a little bog in here. we have iris in the back. going to back up onto some of my classes in college. a bog itself isn't wet all year-round, but it's not dry. we have irises here that can take feet. we have this virginia sweet squire can take the wet soil. we have buttonbush over there. it's going to have a bowl-like flower. >> taking the nutrients we put in to fertilize our lawn and taking the trash and pollution out. these plants are a natural filter? >> that's right. it prevents a lot of the pollutants, the fertilizers and things from getting into the bay. >> the thing is, you've done it in such a way that it fits in
from cooperstown, new york, out into west virginia, almost down to north carolina. >> smith: it is the receptacle of an enormous volume of water in a uniquely shallow basin. its average depth is only 21 feet, making the bay an ecological hothouse. >> it's fabulously productive, but also exquisitely vulnerable to land use because it has a huge drainage basin. so you have, you know, the classic place for trying to determine whether humans and nature can coexist. >> smith: one problem for chesapeake bay is that humans have drastically over-fished the resources, especially crabs. but scientists have also tied the dramatic decline in fisheries here to manmade pollution and a growing phenomenon called dead zones. >> dead zones happen when too much fertilizer-- nitrogen, phosphorous-- comes in. it grows lots of excess algae. the algae die, decompose, suck up the oxygen from the deeper waters, which aquatic life needs to live. >> smith: this is what a healthy oxygen-rich bay bottom looks like-- full of lush grasses where fish and crabs can grow. a dead zone is completely different--
. then a third trial begins next month in the state of virginia for matthew mccabe, he faces the most serious charge, accused of roughing up the suspect, then lying about it. the detainee was the suspected mastermind of the murder-mutilation of four american contractors in fallujah. steve centanni is back on the story again today, live in washington. the latest about this trial is what today, steve, what can we expect? >> reporter: well, it is the second navy seal as you said, petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia, going on trial today. like the others he pleaded not guilty to the charges of dereliction of duty. well, the one charge against him. and in this case, that means he failed to protect the prisoner in his custody. keefe at first wanted a jury trial, but he's changed his mind on that and now his case will be heard only by a military judge and the case will be decided solely by that judge. keefe appeared in court wearing his navy uniform, seated between two attorneys, one civilian, one military. and he heard the testimony against him, including once again
, virginia. his picture is not being released because of his job in special operations. now, keep in mind, keefe did choose to have a judge decide the case, instead of a jury. the judge's words will be the final one. he's charged only with dereliction of duty which means in this case he failed to protect a prisoner in his custody, shannon. shannon: steve, you mentioned julio huertas, he's been acquitted, that happened yesterday. do we know if that gives us an indication of whether keefe may be cleared? >> it's certainly an indication but no guarantee. the defense attorneys think it's very good news and they're optimistic. matthew mccabe, the only navy seal charged with actual assault in this case will stand trial in may and his attorney told me today all the facts this the -- in the case have already been laid out in wednesday's trial of huertas and the jury rejected them. according to neal puckett, one of the main witnesses, the accused terrorist, ahmed hashim abed simply can't be believed when he claims he was beaten up. let's listen. >> the underlying assault was presented to the jury
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